Registration:  08h00.

The shoot start:  09h00.

Entry fee:  R50.00.

Minimum rounds: 120.


The Handgun Level II match was a "did not finish" match.  None of the stages were completed.

If you did shoot the match, you will receive 2 match-points.

The results will not be used in the Handgun shooters log.

The results is for your own use and curiosity.

Daleen Rautenbach


Closed Champs 3 December 2016

Web-entry fee R100.00

If you enter on Saturday, 3 December, entry fee R150.00

Registration start at 08h00

First shots to be fired at 09h00


​12 & 13 November 2016

​Herewith the course of fire, advertisement and entry form.

Closing date for entries 7 November 2016. -  ENTRIES CLOSED.

​Registration start at 07h00 on Saturday morning.  First shots to be fired at 08h00.


The logs for 2016 has been uploaded.

For enquiries, contact Chris Venter at:

Cell:  083 302 5087

E-mail:  chris@digicap.co.za

Registration start at 07h00.

Main match start at 08h00.

Web registration fee R100.00.  Late entries R150.00



Herewith the Coarse of Fire for the Masada shoot, 11 June 2016 at Masada shooting range.

Registration start at 08h00.

The match start at 09h00.

Entry fee:  R100.00

Please bring your own food and drinks.  No bar/ restaurant/cafee available.  There will be a braai after the shoot.  Fire will be supplied.




Handgun &Mini-Rifle - Polokwane

Registration start at 08h00.

Entry fee - R100.00 each match.

HG Match start at 09h00 on Satruday & Mini-Rifle will have two sqauds starting @ 08:00 & 11:00 on Sunday, 15 May 2016.

Handgun league - Polokwane

Registration will start at 08h00.

Entry fee - R150.00

Match will start at 09h00.


Please note that the Closed Champs will be on 5 December 2015.

Please enter for the match on-line.